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Hotel Jarosław

There is a place where you can rest after a long journey. Where pausing only for a moment, desire to stay on longer. Where you miss your home less, even though the walls and the view from the window are another... There is a place, which was established to provide rest, a respite in a long journey. There is a hotel - Hotel Jarosław, which, if you want, can also become your second home. You are welcome!

The magic
of the interior and
the unique climate

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niedziela 25.09.2016
Teraz: 10 °C
niedziela 25.09.2016
Zachmurzenie duże
Dzień: 15°C
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Train and bus station – 1,7 km, 4 min. or 10 min. walk
City centre – 2 km, 5 min. or 13 min. walk
Rzeszów Air port Jasionka – 55,8 km, 58 min.
Przemyśl – 35,2 km, 30 min.
Lublin – 155 km, 2h 30 min.
Border crossing between Ukraine and Poland in Korczowa – 44 km, 29 min.
Border crossing between Ukraine and Poland in Medyka – 46 km, 38 min.

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