Hotel Jarosław

Big and tastefully furnished rooms give a feeling of comfort and live up to the most demanding expectations while the original interiors, designed with attention to every detail, will be perfect not only in a business trip but also for those who want to stay in twos or with the whole family.
400 PLN - per night
It's a combination of diversified decorations and comfort. Elegance, functionalism and unique atmosphere make every stay a new experience, especially for those who find comfort very important.

150 PLN - per night
We offer this room to those who travel in twos and wish to relax. Cosiness of this room makes our Guests come back.

190 PLN - per night
Although in this room one can unfold a sofa or an extra bed, it does not lose its space.

250 PLN - per night
This is a spacious and elegant room designed for those who want to relax in the family or friends circle. Two rooms combined give more space and a door, which separates them, ensures our Guests' privacy.
200-260 PLN - per night
This is room was designed for Guests with limited mobility - for their comfort and convenience. Large space and functional bathroom are the main advantages.
150-190 PLN - per night